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2016 Pit Bull Fatalities
There are 38 deaths attributed to savage, blood-thirsty pit bull beasts in the year 2016, out of 471 total fatalities we have catalogued, so far.
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Huntington, West Virginia
6 years old
A 6-year-old boy has died from injuries suffered when he was mauled by a pit bull Friday night, Huntington Police Chief Joe Ciccarelli confirmed Saturday.
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Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom
Less than a year old
A baby died and his toddler brother was badly hurt when they were savaged by a dog at their aunt and uncles home — a week after moving in for a better life. Archie Joe and Daniel-Jay Darby were staying with the couple when the Staffordshire bull terrier-type beast pounced.
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Topeka, Kansas
2 years old
Police showed up and found piper dead in the corner of the front yard. Donnie says he thinks Piper made her way outside the home while he was sleeping. Dunbar says a family friend was staying at the house and brought along two pit bulls. He says he thinks both pit bulls came from the backyard and attacked his daughter.
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Leonora, Guyana
50 years old
A vicious attack this morning by at least one pitbull dog that reportedly ran out of a yard at Leonora, West Coast Demerara has resulted in a man being mauled to death while two others are hospitalised.
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Conifer, Colorado
60 years old
A woman was killed and her son was injured after they were attacked by two dogs on Monday night, the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office said. The attack happened at a home in the 31900 block of Black Widow Drive in the Conifer area. The sheriffs office said two suspected terrier-pit bull mix dogs were involved in the attack.
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Hermanus, Cape Town, South Africa
1 year old
CAPE TOWN - A one-year-old girl has died after a pit bull attacked her in Hermanus. Police say the family dog, a power breed, attacked the child and her grandmother for no apparent reason yesterday. The girl suffered severe bite marks on her head and body.
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Halstead, Essex, United Kingdom
3 years old
A three-year-old boy was heard screaming in agony as he was mauled to death by an American Bulldog whose owner has been arrested. Dexter Neal was attacked at a property in Halstead, Essex, on Thursday evening. Police and paramedics attended the scene and the boy was taken to hospital, but he later died from his injuries.
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Las Vegas, Nevada
9 years old
Relatives tell us their 9-year-old son went to a friends house to get candy -- and when the front door opened, the dog attacked. Witnesses say the dog bit Derion Stevenson right on the face.
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Newington, Georgia
30 years old
Authorities say a Georgia woman has been killed by her boyfriends pit bull. Screven County Sheriff Mike Kile told media outlets in a statement Tuesday that 30-year-old Michelle Wilcox was found dead Monday night at a home near Newington, near Statesboro, from an apparent dog attack. Kile says no one else was home at the time of the incident. He says the male pit pull was put down by the owner immediately following the discovery of the attack.
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Honolulu. Hawaii
52 years old
A homeless man was mauled to death by two dogs in Kalihi. The owners of Containerland did not want to go on camera, but confirmed the two dogs under the Humane Societys care belong to them. They say the family pets somehow got outside of the fenced warehouse, and that the dogs — pit bull mixes — are typically well-mannered.
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Detroit, Michigan
71 years old
A 71-year-old woman died Saturday after being attacked by a pit bull in her home, Detroit police said. It happened around 8 p.m. in the womans residence in the 2000 block of Ferdinand Street in southwest Detroit.
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Dilkon, Arizona
3 years old
Shaken by a vicious dog mauling that killed a 3-year-old boy on the Navajo Nation, local leaders are expressing anger over the attack, saying encounters with stray and feral animals on the vast reservation are all too common and more could have been done to prevent the tragedy. https://www.gofundme.com/2e5vzpfh
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New Haven, Connecticut
53 years old
On Monday, June 20, Jocelyn Winfrey was walking with a friend and his dogs when the dogs attacked the pair. Winfrey, 53, lost her eyes and had a leg amputated over the past week, but unfortunately on Monday, June 27 she succumbed to her injuries.
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Fresno, California
Less than a year old
A 3-day-old baby girl was killed by family dogs in Fresno early Monday, police say. The girls mother thought the dogs were chained up in the back yard when the attack occurred, police said. The two male dogs, which are believed to be shar-pei/pit bull mixes, are owned by the womans brother, who was not identified.
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Milan, Italy
76 years old
A woman who was mauled by her two American pit bulls terriers died in hospital Friday. The dogs attacked the woman, 76, in her yard in the Lombard town of Inverigo.
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Montreal, Canada
55 years old
MONTREAL—A vicious pit bull attack that appears to have killed a 55-year-old woman has reignited a debate in Quebec about whether to follow in Ontarios footsteps and ban the breed outright. The woman, Christiane Vadnais, an employee with Montreals transit agency, was discovered Wednesday evening by a neighbour who was returning home from work.
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Stockton, California
43 years old
A pit bull killed a man in Stockton on Saturday, according to the San Joaquin County Sheriffs department. Just before 4 p.m., deputies found Earl Wayne Stephens Jr., 43, bleeding from multiple dog bite wounds in the 500 block of north Gertrude Avenue. In an attempt to save Stephens, the officers shot and killed the dog, who was still loose and aggressive in the yard, a department press release said.
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Corinna, Maine
7 years old
Police say the dog that attacked and killed a 7-year-old boy in Corinna was an unregistered male pit bull. The Penobscot County Sheriffs Office said Monday that the pit bull killed Hunter Bragg of Bangor in Corinna on Saturday. They said the boy was playing in the yard when the dog attacked him.
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Cleator Moor, Cumbria, United Kingdom
45 years old
Jade Hodgson, 19, and sister Carla, 16, desperately tried to pull Buster - a Staffordshire-pit bull cross - away as it went for their father Stephens throat. But the dog was too strong for them and its powerful jaws ripped into Stephens jugular. He died from a heart attack triggered by massive blood loss.
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Umlazi, South Africa
3 years old
A three-year-old boy died of extensive injuries after being attacked by a pit bull in Durban on Monday. Netcare 911 said paramedics called out to a dog bite incident arrived at a family home in Umlazi at 11:39 and found the child lying on the kitchen floor with "extensive injuries from the violent attack".
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Saint Louis, Missouri
45 years old
Police believe a 45-year-old man was attacked and killed by one of his own pit bulls in St. Louis County. St. Louis County police were called to the 2200 block of Redman Avenue near Spanish Lake about 10:30 a.m. Monday, authorities said. Police say Adonis Reddick, 45, was found dead and had bite marks on his body. On Tuesday, authorities said "penetrating and perforating wounds to the victim’s neck" had caused his death.
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Dallas, Texas
52 years old
The 52-year-old Brown was attacked by three pit bulls in the early hours of May 2 in a neighborhood of single-story, aging homes, some left vacant. A City Council report on the attack noted that much of a thigh was missing. Brown died in a hospital days later.
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Homestead, Florida
49 years old
Authorities seized 10 dogs Wednesday who are accused of mauling a man to death last month in Homestead. "These are young dogs -- about eight months of age," Labrada said. "The pups that are impounded -- their mother is an American bulldog."
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San Diego, California
Less than a year old
Police say a 3-day-old boy was fatally mauled by a pet dog as his parents watched helplessly in their San Diego home. Sgt. Tu Nguyen said the parents were in bed watching TV with their newborn son and pit bull-mix Thursday night when the mother coughed, startling the dog. Nguyen said the dog reacted by biting the baby, resulting in a traumatic injury. He said the parents pulled the animal off and took their only child to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
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Leesburg, Florida
66 years old
A 66-year-old woman found dead in her home Thursday night was mauled by her pit bull, and police had to kill the dog to get to her body. A relative called 911 just before 6 p.m. to say Sondra Tyson needed medical help. Tysons daughter-in law, Amber Fletcher, told a dispatcher she believed Tyson had fallen. Shes bleeding everywhere … her bones are showing … it looks like she fell over a chair, Fletcher told the dispatcher
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Charlotte, North Carolina
86 years old
An 86-year-old woman died after a dog attack in a south Charlotte home Monday afternoon, according to police. Neighbors told reporter Paul Boyd that the dogs were pit bulls and apparently have shown aggressive behavior in the past.
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Cape Town, South Africa
35 years old
Some residents in Lotus River claim Kayster was a known thief, who had been trying to break into the house in First Avenue while the owners were away. However, his distraught family says the 35-year-old drug addict was merely looking for scrap when the dogs attacked him and ripped out his throat. The eight-minute long video, taped by a resident, shows Kayster being bitten and mauled by two large pit bulls.
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Olympia, Washington
92 years old
A 92-year-old woman attacked by four dogs in her neighbors home near Olympia, Wash., died Tuesday. Gladys Alexander was mauled by four dogs, after she entered the Scott Lake house of a friend who has helped her with day-to-day tasks. The dogs — two females and two males — were all part pit bulls, according to the sheriffs office.
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Cochabamba, La Razon, Bolivia
37 years old
The owner of the four dogs that killed Maria Luz Molle Gomez (37), Daniel Mayorga Moreno (32), was sent to preventive prison of El Abra for serious and very serious injuries caused by an animal arrest. The other owner of pets, pitbull three and a mongrel breed, identified as Cinthia Ampuero Tola (28) received alternative measures, because it proved that having a baby giving breastfeeding and must pay a bail of 10,000 bolivianos. His defense said that dogs were locked in a room, but escaped and attacked the woman who came to the house to wash clothes.
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St Andrew, Jamaica
56 years old
A 56-year-old man was early Monday mauled by pitbulls along Robinson Road off Hagley Park Road in St Andrew. Reports from the police are that Jerome Pow was walking along the roadway accompanied by a dog about 1:00 am when he was attacked by two pitbulls. However, sources allege that Pow was attacked by five pitbulls who had escaped from under the gate of a nearby business place.
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Snug Harbor, North Carolina
36 years old
A mother of two in Snug Harbor died Wednesday after her dog mauled her inside her home. Storys family told 13News Now she got the female Pit Bull from Virginia about a week ago after she saw an advertisement in a newspaper. The ad said the dog was good with small children.
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Phoenix, Durban, South Africa
29 years old
Shantel Pillay was an addict whose frequent visits to an infamous drug den in Phoenix left her family feeling worried and helpless for years. Their biggest fear was realised on Saturday, when the 29-year-old womans mutilated body was found in a stream just metres away from the drug den. She had apparently been mauled by a pack of six pit bulls.
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Kamloops, Canada
78 years old
Members of the Tkemlups First Nation near Kamloops are mourning the death of a 78-year-old woman who was attacked and killed by a dog. Emergency crews called to the scene had to shoot the dog because it continued being aggressive as they arrived. The dog weighed about 27 kilograms and appeared to be partly a bull-terrier breed.
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Lumberton, North Carolina
7 years old
Talen West and 8-year-old Jaylen West were playing in the woods near a home at 2484 Odum Road in Lumberton late Sunday morning when they encountered a neighbors pit bull. The dog attacked both children. Emergency crews were called at about 11:20 a.m. and they found Talen West unresponsive upon arrival. The brothers were taken to Southeastern Medical Center, where Talen West died.
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North Fluminense, Brazil
65 years old
An elderly 65 years was found dead in the backyard and the suspicion is that the pit bull pet has attacked and killed the woman. The case happened on Sunday evening (10) in Campos dos Goytacazes, in the North Fluminense. The Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) points marks on her neck.
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Independence, Virginia
1 year old
Two people have been charged with having a vicious dog after a 15-month-old child suffered life-threatening injuries after being mauled by a pit bull Wednesday night in Grayson County. The dog had the girls head in its mouth. Underwood was bitten in the face while trying to stop the attack.
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Linda, California
9 years old
A 9-year-old boy was mauled to death while he was home alone in a trailer, Yuba County Sheriffs investigators said on Monday. The boys 24-year-old sister was in charge of watching him, but left him alone with her three pit bulls, reports CBS Sacramento.
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Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
22 years old
The girlfriend of a 22-year-old man who died when he was attacked by his pit bull terrier called Trigger has spoken of her devastation over his death, saying she loves him so much. Jessica Hill told MailOnline no words could express her sadness after her boyfriend, Liam Hewitson, was bitten by her dog at his house in Preston, Lancashire, at around 3:45 pm.

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